1:1 Soulful Leadership & Business Coaching for Wellness Leaders & Conscientious Brands.


This 8 week online program offers weekly consultations. Providing you with the skills and confidence to develop and create a business that thrives.

Registration Open For 01.21

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I invite you to join me on this 8 week course to learn how to grow your business. Be mentored from a MA (Master) graduate in Entrepreneurship and innovation so you can live your best life with a thriving business that represents you.


During the 8 week program, I will share my top tips on how to discover your soulful business and take step to grow and develop a existing business.


In the Academy you will have access to the online program, private consultation and group meetings. This is a intensive course with 1:1 business mentorship. By the end of the course you will have a fully functioning business and branding so you can thrive in the industry.

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How to build a successful brand, that reflects your soul purpose




Reaching the right customers and influences 



Creating business solutions so it can operate effectively 



Setting your yearly profit flow chart, TAX and profit margins



Your product or service


Louisa - Brighton Lace

“Danielle quickly understood the voice of our brand and wrote lovely, engaging content that helped to bring new life to our social media, particularly Instagram. With a strong aesthetic sense and background in fashion & marketing I really appreciated her advice on our imagery too.”


Gabriel - Reclaimed Glory

Danielle is not only an amazing tutor but also a great mentor. She pushes you all the time to achieve the best results, in a very creative way, never forgetting the business side. She is kind and smart and gave me strong and important advices when I lauched Reclaimed Glory Studios, my ethical jewellery brand. Her ethical and sustainable credentials make all the difference. Highly recommend.


Marta - Floating Feathers

Danielle is very knowledgeable entrepreneur. During our consult, she took time to understand my needs and helped me apply the right insight to my website, for a better and more professional look. Se also gave me tips on how to make my brand more appealing and drive more traffic to my platform. I couldn't recommend her enough!"