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Holistic Lifestyle - Bedtime Rituals - 7 Tips For Better Sleep

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

In theory, sleep should be pretty easy… you close your eyes, drift off into dreamland and wake up refreshed and energised, right? Well, for many of us, wrong.

With modern day living involving work stress, blue light from phones and a need for productivity, many of us struggle to switch off for that dreamy night of rest we truly need.

This is where bedtime rituals come in, setting yourself activities, boundaries and self-care techniques, all designed to bring a sense of deep relaxation and peace to your evening, setting you up for a perfect night of sleep.

But what does a bedtime ritual involve? That is very much personal and unique to each individual, and may require some trial and error to see what resonates for you, but we have compiled a list of 7 bedtime rituals to get you started on your journey to that much needed shut-eye.


You’ve heard it before, but turn that phone off and put it in your draw!

Not only does the blue light emitted from out phones, tablets and laptops disrupt our circadian rhythms, and therefore out sleep, the constant access to social media, work emails & social texts can seriously overstimulate us before bedtime.

Setting a time limit for yourself to switch off from technology, perhaps an hour before bed, can be a great way to signify to your brain that it’s time to wind down. But if that’s simply too much right now, at least turn on ‘night-mode’ to lessen the impact of the blue-light your device is sending out.

2. Journaling

If you’re someone who struggles with quieting your mind before bed time, journaling may be the solution for you!

An amazing journaling prompt to use before bed:

“What do you need to write down in order to sleep easily tonight?”

Or, simply journaling three things you are grateful for from that day, ending the day on a positive note.

3. Magnesium

Have an epsom salt bath.

The magnesium content of epsom salt makes for a truly relaxing night time ritual! If a nightly bath is too much for you, even incorporating an epsom salt bath a couple of times a week will afford you some truly sleep-nourishing benefits!

Try 1-2 cups of epsom salts in a comfortably hot bath.

4. Antioxidants