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Active Lifestyle - Fashion Revolution Week

Is it time we became activists?

With the “increasing awareness of environmental degradation and the likely increase in the number of extreme weather events, consumers will demand better corporate social and environmental responsibility from manufacturers” (Foresight, 2013).

We are all becoming more aware of environmental and social issues the fast fashion is causing. From clothing waste that goes into landfills, synthetic man-made fabrics and dyes harming the environment to exploration of factory workers. It is clear that there needs to be a fashion revolution.

In 2013 a garment factory in Bangladesh collapsed, killing more than a thousand people (Clothes to die for, 2014), and putting fast fashion under the microscope. An increasing amount of consumers are now seeking knowledge about where and how their garments are being made (Euromonitor, 2013). So how can this be applied? One way the fashion industry has responded to this is creating Fashion Revolution, a week marked in the fashion calendar paying tribute to the Bangladesh disaster. The day’s focus is on making consumers aware on where and who made their clothes.

During Fashion Revolution week, many independent brands will be transparent and show where their clothes where made and who made them. This is something bigger brands fail to do because they are not supporting ethical production. Sustainability has become 'on trend' and bigger brands have used this to there advantage by 'Greenwashing' but this is not in their core values so fail to deliver.

We can all play our part in Fashion Revolution week (why just make it a week, let's make it a lifestyle). We can think about where our clothes are being made and consider if they are being made ethically and environmentally friendly. Why not support independently fashion brands rather then large chains that mass produce? Why not buy to last? Why not think eco-friendly and buy sustainably?

There are more sustainable and eco-friendly brands available now which makes it easy for use to shop responsibly. There are stylish brands that want to help you look good and support the environment.

(photo Shalin wearing Active Therapy Clothing)

How can we help?

Active Therapy Clothing is a active wear brand that wants to leave a eco-friendly footprint, therefore all fabric is plant based and production is made in small quantity. With all garments being made from ethically sourced fabrics or recycled ocean plastics, Active Therapy Clothing takes environmental sustainability seriously. Offering active wear made from bamboo, hemp and pure cotton and swimwear made from recycled plastic from the ocean, the brand is as eco-friendly as it gets. Active Therapy Clothing takes ethical manufacturing seriously and supports sustainable fashion rather than mass production so each order is made for you.