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Active Lifestyle - Mindful Podcasts

With the rise of digital media we are now fortunate to live in a culture that offers free Podcasts. Podcasts are the alternative and dare I say it intelligent up-grade from radio. They offer deep conversations and debates that address important topics.Such as politics, health and fitness, business and social taboos.These conversations are often interview lead by the channel curator; It's like reading someone biography but all you have to do is listen while the host asks the questions. Giving you a insight into someones life that is more often then none inspirational.

If you are new to the Podcast world, here are a few inspirational Podcast channels. The great thing about these Podcast channel hosts is that they all have their own unique story to tell and therefore making them more interesting and engaging. 

Under the Skin - Russel Brand

We all know Russel Brand for his past rock-star, play-boy lifestyle, he has always been in the eye of the media and a little alternative. Now gown out of his hedonistic ways, he openly talks about his personal struggles, addictions and the void he had which he was trying to fill with his past lifestyle. His path to enlightenment is his story. By turning his open-minded attitude into (kind of) spiritual wisdom, he has the ability to think outside the box therefore addressing important taboo topics in his Podcast show.

Under the Skin does what's on the label, it gets under the skin, getting deep and personal with the guests on his show. The conversation flows as Russel unravels each topic with the guest. Making the podcast show insightful and inspirational. 

Happy Place - Fearne Cotton

Fearne Cotton is used to being in the public eye as a TV and radio presenter. She released her first book over a year ago (Calm, Happy, Quiet) and from there began her Podcast show.With connections with the celebrity world, Fearne interviews a number of comedians, actors and musicians to gain a deep understand of their journey. Her show is very honest and she gives each guest the chance to show their vulnerability and authenticity giving them a sense of ordinary fears and struggles that we all go through.She brakes down personas to show the genuine person that lies beneath the celebrity facade.

The School of Life - Lewis Howes

Lewis is a former athlete and sports champion, like most athletes he knows the power of 'mind over matter' and the adversity on and off the playing field. His show highlights current topics with the main aim being health, mindfulness and wellbeing. His show has a number of guest athletes that talk about their personal struggles and how they overcome them.

Zura Health - Jessica & Kylie McBeath

Zura is all about health, both body and mind. This Podcast is a extension of  a nutrition and fitness blog, that elaborated into a inspirational talk show Podcast. The team at Zura interview a selection of people from all backgrounds and walks of life to motivate the listener. Their aim is to build a better and healthier lifestyle for everyone. 

Girl Boss - Sophia Amoruso

Girl boss is a inspirational platform and Podcast channel that focuses on women in business. Each episode interviews a entrepreneurial woman, outlining the trials and tribulations of setting up your own business. The show gives a clear story behind each guest business journey. It's a great platform for empowering women. Girl Boss has surpassed the Podcast channel and become a movement in it's own right. What was once about women in business, it is now more about empowering the feminine, girls supporting girls and equality. This is a great Podcast that outlines alot of cultural topics.

You can find all these Podcast channels/shows on Spotify or Apple store (good luck listening)!

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