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Active Lifestyle - Summer Smoothies

If your based in England you know how relieved we are to see the sun! Summer time has come at last and the weather is brighter and warmer. So what better way to cool down then a smoothie, a delicious way to stay healthy.

Whilst in England smoothie bowls have just been discovered, it's not new to warmer parts of the world where you can get summer fruits all year round. Places like Bali (Indonesia & Asia)  have fresh produce at there finger tips but this is only because people source their fruit from local farmers markets, which makes the produce really organic and natural (not from local super-markets like us Westerners). So if your thinking about making your own, it's really worth going to a farmers market at the right time of year or grow some berries in your back garden (we all went blueberry picking as children, right? Well it's time to start that past time again). The best smoothie's are always made with fresh fruit and produce (nuts, coconut chips and chia seeds), add Acai, Cacao or Sperulina to the mix and you have yourself a power bowl. Giving you energy and vitamins, you will be sure to get you 'five a day' with all this goodness blended together.

If your looking for inspiration on how to make your own then here are some recipes, however it's always good to blend up your own concoction.

5 Top Smoothie Bowls of choice

1) Acai Bowl - Acai, banana, dates, almond milk topped with garnola, berries and hemp seed.

2) Sperulina Bowl - Spirulina, banana, chia seeds, peanut butter, dates, almond milk topped with garnola, berries and hemp seed.

3) Cacao Bowl - Cacao, avocado, dates, chia seeds, banana, almond milk, topped with coconut and cacao nibs.

4) Matcha Bowl -Matcha, banana, cacao chips, walnuts, hemp seeds and maple coconut oil.

5) Dragon Fruit - Dragon fruit or pittaya, banana with coconut water, topped with granola, bee pollen and coconut.

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