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Active Lifestyle - Top 10 Independent Eco Brands

As people are becoming increasingly aware of the effects of climate change and the amount of waste that occurs everyday on our planet, sustainable and eco-friendly products are becoming a lot more popular (YAY!).

Shopping for eco-friendly products can be a little confusing to start with and it certainly takes a lot more work and thought, however there’s nothing that some light reading can’t find and once you find your go-to alternatives you’ll be set. After all we do only have one planet.

To help you out we have come up with a list of some of our favourite brands which are all doing their part in creating and promoting eco-friendly, sustainable products.

1. Indosole

With over 1.5 million tyres being discarded per year worldwide, Indosole has decided to turn trash into something functional and new. Not only do these tyres contribute to the planets waste problem, in tropical countries they can be breeding grounds for mosquitoes, which can lead to devastating diseases such as dengue fever and malaria. Inspired by the Indonesian people, Indosole had the idea to turn these tyres into soles of shoes. Crafted in Indonesia by artisans using repurposed and natural materials, Indosole has been preventing tyres from polluting the environment since 2009. Indosole’s goal is to save 1 million tyres and eventually have tyre sole footwear be the preferred footwear choice in the world. Fashionable, comfortable and of course sustainable, Indosole footwear is a brand that ticks all of the boxes.

2. Balibalance

Bali Balance offers a wide range of natural, coconut oil based products using superior Balinese plants. Focussing on body, face and hair products, Bali Balance has over 50 products on offer. The brand works with local Balinese communities in the creation of all of their products to give back to the island in which the brand originates. Bali Balance products are cruelty free, paraben free, palm oil free, and chemical free. There are many stores over the beautiful Indonesian island in which you can purchase these products, but for those who aren’t based in Bali, worldwide international shipping is available.

3. Sustainyoself

SUSTAINYOSELF is run by two sisters from the USA who where inspired to create their brand after seeing lots of trash and limited recycling options in their home town. Geevie and Sophia started following the zero-waste movement in 2017, choosing to make more environmentally conscious choices in their every day lives and eventually creating SUSTAINYOSELF, a range of hand-crafted sustainable health and beauty products with plastic-free packaging. Ranging from deodorants to lip balms, the two sisters keep products small batch to minimise waste and ensure products remain fresh.

4. Marlys Monsters

Marlys Monsters is a great go-to brand for all household goods that are eco-friendly and reusable. Marleys Monsters was created by a mother who started sewing products for her babies using fabric scraps that she had been collecting for years which lead to her designing her own household products such as napkins, shopping bags, food storage covers and baby essentials. Most of Marleys Monsters products are made from 100% organic cotton flannel with polyester durability in the USA. The brand aims to create all products with natural and sustainable materials and spread awareness about reusable household products.

5. Active Therapy Clothing

Active Therapy Clothing is a luxury ethical clothing brand which is handmade with eco-friendly fabrics. With all garments being made from ethically sourced fabrics or recycled ocean plastics, Active Therapy Clothing takes environmental sustainability seriously. Offering active wear made from bamboo, hemp and pure cotton and swimwear made from recycled plastic from the ocean, the brand is as eco-friendly as it gets. Active Therapy Clothing takes ethical manufacturing seriously and supports sustainable fashion rather than mass production so each order is made for you. The brand endorses a active, healthy lifestyle and this an be seen throughout their social media platforms with free yoga classes and healthy living tips

6. Brighton Lace

Brighton Lace is a brand which creates limited edition lingerie in the finest eco laces and sustainable fabrics. Ranging from vintage style underwear to comfy cashm