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Active Lifestyle - Yoga at Home

Recently home workouts have become the new norm while we are all in lockdown. The yoga studios might be closed but thankfully, fellow Yogi’s around the world are coming together and creating amazing content for us online. So we can stay healthy, stay active and keep practicing from the comfort of our own homes. We have put together a list of our top 10 yoga related products to help us get through these crazy times physically, mentally and spiritually. Ranging from uniquely designed eco mats to beautiful copper drink bottles that will last you a lifetime, we think that there is bound to be something on this list that will make a great addition to your at home practice. Stay healthy, stay safe and stay home.

Two Minds

In these unprecedented times, we are spending a lot more time at home and there is no better time to focus on being conscious of our fitness and health. Two Minds has created fitness journals to help track and plan our progress, ensuring that we keep on track whilst everything around us may have been shaken up. The founder of Two Minds, Corri, wanted to create a beautiful, easy to use fitness journal that didn’t feel like it was a chore to fill out, which has certainly been done with the design of her journals.

Yogaru Ireland

Yogaru Ireland believes that yoga is a continuous learning journey that teaches us to bring the skills we learn on the mat, off the mat and into our every day lives, and honestly we couldn’t agree more. Ruth, the founder of Yogaru Ireland has created 108 Asana yoga sequencing cards with the aim to simplify sequences and help her students understand how to get that ‘feel good’ factor from yoga that we all have come to crave, all whilst being able to practice anywhere, anytime, in the comfort of your own home. Ruth has managed to bridge the gap between studio classes and at home practice, something that doesn’t come easy.

Forrest & Love

Forrest & Love has managed to create the funkiest, copper water bottle there is on the market. 100% natural, 0% guilt, we don’t know why you wouldn’t own one of these amazing bottles. A small independent and family owned business, Forrest & Love is passionate about creating exotic and stylish lifestyle products, all whilst putting the planet first. When purchasing a Forrest & Love product not only are you getting a beautiful, handmade item, but you’re supporting organic over pesticides, handcrafts over machines, and quality over mass market consumerism.

Sally Mustang

Sally Mustang is an artist, yoga teacher, influencer and creator of beautiful yoga mats which we are in love with. Sally has designed her yoga mats to encourage a vibrant, creative lifestyle both on and off the mat. Based on artwork that Sally has created herself, all of the mats that she produces are made from the highest quality natural, recycled rubber base with a super grippy and trippy microfibre printed surface.

Zen Bear Yoga

Zen Bear Yoga is a Belfast based company that hand designs vibrant and fun eco-friendly yoga mats.

The brand offers mats with super fun prints and colours, made from a vegan non-slip suede they are perfect for anyone looking for a yoga mat that has minimal eco footprint. We love Zen Bear Yoga’s core values of protecting the planet and providing the materials for each person to achieve their own zen in mind, body and spirit.

Melon & Lime

Melon & Lime designs high quality yoga mats, with the focus of motivating people to practice and stretch. They aim to not only provide comfortable grounding for when you practice, but to also inspire you, which is done via the Melon & Lime app. Every eco-friendly mat purchase comes a free year long subscription to the app, which helps to guide your practice and aims to inspire you. With ‘give and take’ being Melon & Limes mantra, we can definitely support their cause and appreciate their amazing mats.