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Active Lifestyle - Manifestation

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

As we are moving into a new year and a new decade, now is the perfect time to set your intentions and manifest your life goals and achievements. If we channel our energy into what we want, the the universe will provide. Do you agree? Sceptics might not believe this theory with a defeatist attitude, saying "I believe it when I see it".

The key is that you have to believe it before you see it. Manifestation comes from you, you are the seed and the source. What is attracted to you, comes from you. Some might call it, "the law of attraction". You are always subconsciously attracting things into your life (bad and good). So why not consciously attract the things you want?! You need to make sure you are doing everything in your power to make this happen (this might mean braking some old patterns or habits that no longer serve the life you want to live).

It takes work to master the key to manifestation as it's a form of creation, here are some key points to guide you:

1) Firstly, you need to unblock any doubt in the process and have faith in yourself.

2) Then you need to recognise the fact you are worthy of achieving your goals as self-doubt is often the thing that holds us back.

3) Finally, you have to release control, let it flow to you. If you have unconditional faith in yourself then there will be nothing blocking the process. You can't control this, you don't need to because the universe has your back, it wants you to have it all. We just need to stand out of the way and let it happen. Don't let fear or doubt block the flow of attracting what you want from life.

4) It's important to remember that every feeling and thought you have, cultivates what you see. Therefore if we get stuck in a cycle of fear, this will manifest into your life. So brake the fear cycle by simply choosing again, you have the option to stop and redirect your thoughts. Take some time out to mediate, clear your head and re-align thoughts.

Personally, I have experienced manifestation several times in my life, with myself and others. Once I did a manifestation board with a friend that wanted a baby. So we made a manifestation board. We didn't speak for a while after as I was travelling, when I returned, I sensed she was pregnant (just by one phone call, not even seeing her in person) and she was. It turned out she got pregnant only a days after us creating the manifestation board.

Then there was the time, when a student of mine came to class and offered me a brand new digital camera. This was something I been longing and saving for (I had been looking at pictures of digital cameras online for weeks). My student graciously mentioned that she heard me say, "I wanted a new camera". So she was happy to give me her digital camera that was still in the box and barely used. I believed I visualised this into my life.

Now I am living a life that I have manifested. I have been able to create the life I always dreamed, to have freedom, travel, create and be active. It took be a whole year to see my manifestation come to life, I spent 12 months visualising, meditating and clearing blocks. I persevered, fought self doubt and kept believing that the universe had my back before it came to light.

How to manifest?

1) Visual your end goal, see it transpire in your mind. You can create a mood board to help with the visualisation as it's important to keep referring to it. You can create a digital board on Pinterest but I like to use the old fashion way of cutting and pasting images that represent my goals.