The Eco Collection is made from recycled sea plastics. The fabric is made in Italy, created using discarded materials that were 100% nylon (such as fishing nets and Tulle) and certainly meets the high quality our customers expect.



We are not just a brand based on appearance, we go deeper. The brands ethos is all about living an active lifestyle as a healthy lifestyle both for you body and mind.



The brand aims to stay as environmentally friendly as possible by using natural fabrics (bamboo, hemp & pure cotton) and recycling plastic, from sea waste. Bamboo is 100% biodegradable and is naturally grown without the intensive use of chemicals. 



We like to create high quality garments and support sustainable fashion. We aim to keep a ethical and transparent supply chain. That is against fast fashion, that is often wasteful and harmful to the environment.



When the new collections are designed we not only have the ethical element in mind but also creating the perfect fit for every action sport. Aiming to allow movement and support in the garments, giving a feeling of comfort and freedom.

Pre-Orders: Orders are made with limited edition designs, this means there might be a waiting time to receive the product. Most pre-orders we try to send out within one month depending on the design production. This is because everything is ethically made and we do not stock large quantities, we believe in quality over quantity. 


I’m a Return and Refund policy: Non refundable as everything is made to order, however we do offer exchange within 3 days notice and 7 days return, if the garment is unsuitable.

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